Centrafarm BV processes your (personal) data extremely carefully. All (personal) data you provide are stored and used by Centrafarm BV for its business execution. Your personal data will be treated confidentially and not made available to third parties without your explicit consent. For the benefit of ‘users recognition ', 'personalized offers' etc., Centrafarm BV uses the technical specifications of your computer and/or your IP address.
Centrafarm BV uses 'cookies '. Cookies make it possible to recognize computers. By using just cookies it is not possible to recognize or identify persons. You can set your browser to not allow the use of cookies. Please consult the manual of your browser.
Our privacy policy applies to the website Websites that fall outside (external websites, links/references to other websites) are not under the responsibility of Centrafarm Netherlands B.V. Always consult the privacy statement of the remote website, before filling out personal data. Centrafarm BV is not liable for the privacy policy of external websites.
Concerning those sites where it is possible to publicly ask questions and/or post comments, you must be extra careful with publishing your data. Always be aware that your data on those public spaces (can be) is available to other users.
You can give Centrafarm BV a written assignment to remove your data from the database.
Centrafarm BV has the right to adjust the privacy policy, without consulting or giving reasons. If so, you will not receive a personal message.
When you have questions about our policy regarding your privacy, please send an e-mail to or contact:
Centrafarm BV, Privacy policy, P.O. Box 289, 4870 AG Etten-Leur, The Netherlands.